What is Hydrogen Production?


Hydrogen production refers to all the industrial applications for generating hydrogen gas. The vast majority of hydrogen, approximately 95% in 2020, is produced from fossil fuels via steam reforming of natural gas, partial oxidation of methane and coal gasification. CO2 is stripped off the natural gas with an efficiency of up to 95%. When this CO2 is prevented from entering the atmosphere through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), it is called “blue” hydrogen. The hydrogen produced through applications not involving fossil fuels, such as electrolysis from solar or hydro-electric power, is called “green” hydrogen. The cost associated with the production of blue hydrogen is 1-1.8 USD/kg, compared to the production of green hydrogen which stands approximately at 2.5-6.8 USD/kg. Both processes result in a liquid with improved energy density producing no direct emissions of pollutants or greenhouse gases. 


How does Hydrogen play its part in the Energy Transition?


Demand for hydrogen continues to rise and has triplicated since 1975, almost entirely produced from fossil fuels. Approximately 87M tons of hydrogen was generated globally in 2020 for multiple purposes.  Its production is essential for many chemical processes such as petroleum refining and ammonia production. Hydrogen can also be used to generate zero or near-zero carbon emissions in other industrial applications, integrated clean energy systems and transportation. This is why hydrogen has a real potential to tackle global warming. It can also contribute to improving air quality and reinforce energy security.


How the Oil & Gas industry can help


The production of hydrogen from fossil fuels, is largely supported by the oil and gas industry. In fact, the oil and gas industry enables the production of such fossil fuels and the execution of CCS projects when the generated CO2 is to be stored in deep reservoirs. Reservoir characterisation, drilling and injection operations are the main components of a CCS project in which oil and gas has arguably more experience than any other sector. Therefore, the oil and gas industry has the necessary means to encourage as much CO2 as possible relating to the production of hydrogen to be prevented from circulating in the atmosphere.


How AnTech technology can make a meaningful contribution


We can successfully apply our unique Directional Coiled Tubing Drilling (DCTD) technology to maximise the efficiency and minimise the footprint and the cost associated with the production of blue hydrogen:


  • Our equipment is specialised in drilling in underbalanced conditions, which will improve the Rate (ROP) and avoid reservoir damage.


  • We are the only DCTD specialist in the world providing a continuously rotating orienter, which will deliver a perfectly straight hole. This will improve the Weight on Bit (WOB) and consequently the lateral reach. A longer lateral means more reservoir contact, which will boost the production of the well or its storage capability. A perfect straight hole will also increase the fatigue life of the coiled tubing because a lower amount of stress is applied to it. A straight hole is also beneficial for running a completion after the drilling phase, like a slotted liner, in terms of running speed and the ability to reach total depth.


  • Our proprietary real-time, at-bit synthetic porosity software, RockSense, will deliver an optimally placed wellbore. RockSense can detect changes in formation as the bit passes through it and not after 20-30ft far from the bit, where the standard sensors are placed. This is particularly important in thin reservoirs. An optimally placed wellbore will enhance the production or the storage capacity. 


Get in touch with us to learn more how our CTD technology and how we can make your project successful



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