Downhole Vibration Modelling Service

Directional drilling tools are required to undergo extreme downhole conditions, especially in underbalanced drilling with 2 phase fluids, foam and mist, which can lead to reduced rates of penetration (ROP) and damage to the tools if not properly considered beforehand. 


We offer in-house vibration modelling to recommend optimised drilling parameters which will minimise BHA vibration and therefore increase drilling efficiency and minimise NPT.



  • Increased rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Reduced tool damage
  • Reduced downtime
  • Our models can be calibrated using offset drilling data


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We can identify the axial, lateral and torsional natural frequencies of any given drillstring and use this to advise on the specific combination of drilling parameters to be avoided whilst drilling. This will lead to increased drilling efficiency through higher ROPs and reduced tool damage. For cases where excitation near the natural frequencies are unavoidable, we can model the stresses induced within the tool and predict the damage suffered when operated at these frequencies.

Amplitude vs Excitation Frequency for downhole tools at time points

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