We designed our leading Type C wellhead outlet range as a general purpose electrical outlet for standard applications. They provide a safe and cost effective means of connecting downhole gauges to surface cabling, whilst ensuring compliance to the latest industry standards.


The outlets have a choice of two connections, NPT and Autoclave and come in hazardous area certified (ATEX/IECEx and NEC 500/505) and uncertified versions.  This allows us to offer you products at a range of price points that are closely matched to your environmental and economic requirements. 


The Type C range is well known for its compact design and ease of assembly such that it can be installed in places where the space is limited.




Type CA

Type CB

Type CC 

Type CD 



Features & Benefits


Standard design - Allows for simplified stocking and training whilst at the same time covering a wide range of installations and hazardous area certification requirements.


Test as you build - The modular design means that each stage of assembly can be individually tested ensuring a quality installation, first time.


Packaging - We can supply the outlets individually packaged for operational efficiency or in bulk for a reduced cost.


Planning stage technical support - We can offer specification advice and technical drawings to support the early stage of your project.


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