Voltages can exist between the rig and the casing which can be hazardous during perforating operations. Stray voltages could be a sign of faults in the system. Our Rig to Casing Voltage Monitor (RIGVM) is a sensitive AC/DC voltmeter intended for continual monitoring of the potential between casings and the rig.


By using a digital multimeter, it is possible to measure whether the source of the observed voltage is AC or DC and then trace the source of any stray voltage with a view to eliminating the problem.


The RIGVM is portable, rugged and weatherproof to withstand all conditions. It measures 0 to 3V FSD DC and 0 to 3V rms AC.




Features & Benefits


Robust construction - Suitable for use in the environment below the rig floor.


Strong Clamps - Essential to make a good contact through painted items.


Ancillary equipment - Can be supplied with a rig to casing grounding cable to add further protection.


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