Convert Your CT Unit To E-Line

As part of AnTech's full service offering, we can supply you with a wireline conversion kit and technical support to allow you to wireline-enable your existing CT unit. We talk through each stage of the process with you to make sure we understand your individual requirements, and prepare a bespoke solution to suit your needs.


Our CT conversion kit includes AnTech's slip ring collector, collector bulkhead, wireline test equipment and slack management adaptor. Along with the conversion kit and full technical support, we also provide field tool kits that help you make up rope sockets and test the wireline to ensure that it is configured correctly for your job. Alternatively we offer a wireline installation service if you prefer us to handle this.

Uphole wireline termination and pressure bulkhead


Provides a reliable rotary connection between the surface equipment and downhole wireline tools.

Slip Ring Collector

Collector Bulkhead

Wireline Test Equipment

Allows for all necessory testing and fault diagnosis to ensure a reliable connection from surface control equipment to downhole tools

Alllows circulation through

Cablehead for easy cable


Slack-Management Adaptor

Slip Ring Collector

Collector Bulkhead

Surface Control Panel


Tubing End Connector

CT Conveyed Wireline

Convert Your Unit To E-Line

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