ATLAS Modelling Software

Our proprietary ATLAS modelling software is specifically designed for optimising Directional Coiled Tubing Drilling (DCTD), plug drilling and wellbore cleanout applications.



ATLAS is designed around three main modelling outputs:


Well Path Planning - Using wellbore trajectory and completion details, a suitable wellpath can be modelled. This determines the motor bend needed in order to generate the required build, as well as determining ability to drill curved and horizontal sections in a single run.


Tubing Forces Modelling - Tubing forces modelling demonstrates the achievable WOB at all depths to ensure that sufficient weight can be transferred to the bit at all stages of the operation.


Hole Cleaning and Pressures - Hole cleaning analysis identifies hole cleaninig ability within a pre-determined fluid systems and range of possible flow rates, whilst keeping pressures under control to protect the reservoir and enhance the life of the coiled tubing.


It is fundamental to know that the coiled tubing can transfer sufficient weight to the bit to maintain an effective rate of penetration (ROP).


In addition to maintaining good hole cleaning the annulus downhole pressures must be low enough to prevent lost circulation and formation damage; and the internal coiled tubing pressure at surface must be low enough to avoid premature tubing fatigue. This where reliable pre-job software modelling is essential.


Given the wellbore trajectory and completion details as inputs, ATLAS performs analyses interactively, with specially developed extensions enabling tubing fatigue life and intervention duration to be predicted. Developed with the close involvement of our drilling service teams, we are able to validate and refine the underlying models, based on real world operations.


If you would like to know more about the capabilities of our ATLAS software, or if you have a project that you think could benefit from our service, please fill in our enquiry form or call us.

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